I miss my work buddies!

>> Sep 6, 2005

I went into work today. Said howdy to my pals. I miss working, though I am truly enjoying spending QT with Zach. I didn't get to do this with my other baby.
I remember this shot the day Zach was born.. now 1 week later he's put on 1 pound & grew 1 inch... Tomorrow he'll be starting college :(

Amanda, Austin & Kyle all started school today..
They seem to be exicted about their new year.. I am not looking forward to being a bus.. (our public school stopped busing.. and now they are penny pinching so much that I had to send $5 with my high schooler to rent a locker for gym??) Below are 1st day outfits.. my kids are so cool!


Cindy September 09, 2005  

the kids look great! Have you ever thought of turning this blog into a scrapbook?


Tami September 10, 2005  

Do you really need to ask me that? ;)

I figure my journaling is done.. and Zach's "baby" book will be more a "first year with baby" :)

Cindy September 10, 2005  

lol, I kinda figured you had already thought of that...;)

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