Wowzers Wednesday

>> Aug 24, 2005

Aren't those feet big?? I'm sure dad is thinking they are the perfect size to press a NASCAR peddle with....

Ok.. all medication is officially worn off in it's entirety.. now the real pain is starting to kick in... thankfully I was given some ibuprofen. Dad's here and well.. it's kind of nice having someone else run all the errands and run to the store for whatever is needed. We also had a great family bonding by sitting and playing video games til late. Enjoying being in the same room.

Can't wait for the family room to be finished. I also can't wait for the pain to be finished....


Cindy August 28, 2005  

WOW, look at those huge feet!! He is beautiful, Tami!


Donna August 29, 2005  

Donna said,
He is beautiful. I am assuming when you say "with one arm" that means he is constantly in the other. Can't wait until you feel well enough to make a trip in with your little guy. My nephew is a Zachary. Love the name. Got to go. Will watch for more info.

Helene August 29, 2005  


LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tonka Truck shot as well as those monster feet. I took feet pictures of Gabriel too..aren't we all just sick over teeny weeny feet!!

*congrats* hon...I'm really just so thrilled for you cuz I know EXACTLY how wonderful this time is going to be!!
"Diaper Diaries" by Nancy Copeland will help keep you laughing while you're recuperating. NO..I cannot imagine what it would be like to have 8.5 lbs vacuumed out of me..lmao..better YOU than me!!

Tami August 29, 2005  

Thanks! Gotta love feet. His hands are rather large too. I'm thinking he definitely got Dad's genes on the height/size. *sigh* in 15 years I'll be the shortest member of my family......

And yes he is constantly in the other arm. One reason I haven't been able to do much before this weekend LOL

Hoping to get into work at the end of this week or beginning of next Enjoy your long weekend!!

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