Speaking of cute kid stories...

>> Oct 19, 2011

I saw this video today and it cracked me up.  A friend and I disagree about the cute kid story comment but I think he's more spot on than not.

So speaking of kid stories; I just want to say that I am full of love and happiness this morning.  When it's just Keagan and me home during the day he is so amazing.

He plays without abandon, pretends to be the silliest things without care or concern how I perceive him.  He has no problem running around the house making puffing noises and wiggling his hand in the air near his mouth to simulate the steam coming out of him, as he's a train.  The next moment he hands me a piece of rope and tells me to put out the fire.  I look and he's in a ball on the floor with fingers and feet wiggling in the air to simulate the flames.  His imagination is endless and he's happy.

Its not the same when others get home he becomes a little self conscious, slightly embarrassed to do these things.  I don't condone what the rest of the kids do.  I often tell them to leave him alone, I try to explain how he may feel.  What he's doing is cute but their comments and teasing grins aren't welcome.  But the older kids will see him play and they will chuckle at his cuteness.  Or ask him to repeat something he just said or did.  He's smart, he knows they aren't asking him to do this because they want to join in his fun.  It's relatively innocent, it's not taunting, but what the older kids are doing affects things.  What Keagan is doing is so hilarious some times - for the pure genius of how his mind works.  Yet Keagan knows they are laughing at him.  While what he does is cute and sometimes makes me want to giggle, I'm able to stop myself.  I remember a time when I was dating a person just out of high school.  His little sister was singing a well known Christmas Song with the word Hallelujah in it; except she was singing it "How I knew you".  I remember her brothers asking her to repeat it several times, I remember chuckling, and I remember her running off and crying because she thought she was doing something wrong.

I understand it's harder for kids to control it, heck I was a high school graduate when I took part in making a little girl cry over a Christmas song.  I don't know what my point is, or why this is something I'm blogging about.  I wish it was different, I feel badly that it's made Keagan self conscious, but more so I hate that they are missing out on knowing a part of Keagan that is so utterly amazing and unique.

Until they get a clue I'll keep enjoying these days, and encouraging Keagan to not care and to borrow a popular though "Dance like no one is watching".  More so, I'll keep hoping that he'll always feel this comfortable around me.  I'll hope when he's a teen and more self conscious than he can ever imagine being, he'll know he never needs to be that way with me.


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