#28 Participate in 30 days of lists

>> Jul 24, 2011

So I see over at 30daysoflists, not only do they have a new website they've picked when the next 'round' will be!  Not sure if the lists will be different (don't have time to fully snoop the site) but I have confidence that when the new round that starts in September is over I'll be done with this task! I love motivation and nothing is more motivating than reading other's lists.

For now, I'll keep with the previous set of lists and here is #3 - I am looking forward to...

  • I am looking forward to getting to know my children as adults.  They were such peculiar kids ;)
  • I am looking forward to the economy somewhat stabilizing the stress of the unknown future is wearing heavily on me
  • I am looking forward to meeting Zach's first grade teacher and being more involved with his school, his first year with Mrs. Glover was so amazing.
  • I am looking forward to Zach's birthday party.
  • I am looking forward to this fall with Masterful Scrapbook Design and that's not a plug.  I'm finally getting less starry eyed when I talk in the webinars, it's hard to think of something intelligent to say to an expert in the industry.
  • I am looking forward to the fall TV line up (more on that in another post later)
  • I am looking forward to Cindy and possibly Terri coming to visit this spring - it's been TOO long
  • I am looking forward to finishing the 101 things project, it's been interesting and I love learning about myself through the tasks I've given myself and how important or unimportant they are now six months after I made the initial list
  • I am looking forward to being able to say I have a style in scrapbooking
  • I am looking forward to getting a smash folio by EK success... maybe they'll be in stock by Christmas?


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