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>> Nov 8, 2010

Mondays used to be a day dreaded in my life.. the back to school, back to work, having to wake up early .. being tired most of the day etc.

Now Monday are back to school (for 3 of 4 boys), back to work for the hubby, the waking up early doesn't matter any more since I wake up early every day.. and I do get tired but I can nap now.  Yes my life as a SAHM is a lucky one.  I get to spend every monday recouping from the weekend chaos of a house with 5 men big & small.  I get to hang with just Keagan who is content playing on his own, or with me or heading off to whatever errand I need to get done.  I get to choose whether to chill out or get things done.  It's my day and it is a good way to start a new week. :)


Heidi Lang,  November 08, 2010  

Have fun Tami! Its a tough job, sometimes tougher than leaving for work. I quit my job when Addison was born, best decision ever! Enjoy your family!

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