Things I Learned Yesterday

>> Oct 3, 2010

1.  Boulder City Art in the Park is amazing.  I wanted to leave 1/2 way through to go home and art myself.  Very inspiring.

2.  I can have will power against festival food.  I didn't eat one funnel cake, I passed on the buttery corn on the cob.  I did splurge on a piece of baklava but since I estimate I walked a good couple miles I'm ok with that.  I probably wouldn't have gotten that if I wasn't so surprised it was there to begin with!

3.  I am starting to exercise again today and I'm actually being serious and not just saying it to feel better.  I *want* to do it.

4.  No matter how old you are, sometimes you need your mom to yell at you "Put sunscreen on!" I'm pink.  I'll pretend it's in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.. :D

5.  My babies are getting too big.  Keagan is getting tall, as is Zach.  Zach tried to sit in my lap and looked like a pretzel trying to get his legs folded up.

I'm off to have a productive day, working on some articles for Get It Scrapped! and some behind the scenes stuff at Masterful Scrapbook Design. I also am investigating a christmas kit for Scrap This Kit, doing inventory to get the site back online and then I'm going to read some more Stephanie Plum.  I'm really enjoying this series.  Glad I got some me time yesterday, definitely need to do it more often.  It's a good day.


Sian October 03, 2010  

It's good to hear what you've been getting up to Tami :)

Celia October 05, 2010  

Good to read about your day Tami. I have posted my apple pics on my blog are they of use to you?

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