Hmm... two weeks.

>> Jul 11, 2010

I have two weeks where I'm down to two kids.  Austin is in FL and Kyle headed to MI.  What's a gal to do come 8:30 when only adults are awake?  I have grand plans of getting the house cleaned (and it staying that way).  However, I also have a few other things I need to get done, like a massive reboot of my scrap-room.  (mainly because when you first movie in a house you have to get to know it before you know what does/doesn't work), I need to read the girl with the dragon tattoo because I really want to watch the movie.  I want to practice my camera skills.  I have such grand plans for this summer and it's nearly mid-July.

My main reason  to post is to share these random images from Erin's visit :)

Austin & Zach - Red Rock Canyon Geocaching
Austin - Lied Children's Museum Bubble Table
Erin - Red Rock Canyon Geocaching
Keagan - Lied's Children's Museum Auto Center
Kyle et al. - Red Rock Canyon Geocaching 
Zach - Lied Children's Museum Auto Center


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