Just another Manic monday... ooh e ooh...

>> Mar 1, 2010

so as usual, an indoor photo with lots of clutter in the background. Welcome to my life and home :)

As part of the month long blog challenge at Get It Scrapped I am following Amy's footsteps and doing a Makeover Monday..

Here's a photo of Keagan playing peak-a-boo (old shot on the list of "needs to be edited")

Before shot:

Again, it's got a lot of distracting elements. Not composed well, I can see 1000 things wrong with the shot. I wish I slowed down when taking photos but with boys sometimes it's everything to grab the camera and click before the moment is over.

First thing up was some cropping. I chose to take a moment and learn where the rule of thirds grid was on PSE. I know it's there somewhere and haven't a clue where.. I can see Pattie and Lynn wanting to flog me now. Found this quick tutorial (thanks google) and was on my way..

Then I used what I learned in Lynn's class and created my own bokeh :) I only did it a little. (4 on the gaussian blur) I didn't want it to look too 'fake'. So then I decided to just add a little bit of some edge I referred to a fun thing I got from pattie's class (I think don't quote me on what I learned where). I added a crop shape and here is the final picture :) Not sure it's better but it was fun :)

Someday I may get a feather in my hat and try to make it black & white while leaving his blue eyes blue... ;)


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