The opposite of Happiness is Unhappiness... not depression

>> Jan 19, 2010

That's the sentence that stood out in the small bit I've read so far. Debbie Hodge posted about the book on her blog.. than a dear friend Celia mentioned it in the shoutbox at Get It Scrapped.. so I had to go read it. Not one to miss out on what everyone else is doing I ran and picked up the book last night (hard copy not digital for those who had to deal with that dilemma of my decision)

And I have to say it's not a profound book. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. There is no magic button to make one happier. But it is a good book to get inspired to be happier and to take a look at the things in your life that may be distracting you. So I am going to begin this project (yet another in a long list) and resolve to follow through with it (and the others).

Today I am going to focus on first my little one who has taken ill. (nothing like a stomach bug to make a hyper 4 yr old appreciate the art of laying still) While I sit and keep an eye on him and help him with whatever he needs, I'll work on lists. List out my projects, list out my to-dos, help my older kids with lists of their responsibilities. Today is list day.

I'll start with my projects that I am working on or looking forward to:

1. Get It Scrapped Project (chat tomorrow so I want to make some notes of things to talk about and bring up.. so when the chat starts tomorrow all the ladies will think i'm prepared.. shortly they'll distract me and we'll be onto all kinds of fun girl talk but I love them and that's not said lightly.. the girls at Get It Scrapped are truly some of the best gals I've ever known)
2. Will stop being overly sentimental... lol
3. One Month at a Time - I am looking forward to doing a layout a month.. I've been focusing on photographs and art journaling that I cant say the last time I've scrapbooked.. yikes! Debbie's class will help with that though.. but I wont list it seperate have enough projects LOL!
4. Hoping Charlie does Alphabet soup again.. it's a fun photo a day in February but he themes it around the alphabet.. it's so fun seeing everyone's different takes on the letter A.. I hope he does it.. if he doesn't be prepared I may make my friends do it ;) Here's the details last year. I pooped out but not this year!
5. Happiness Project.. here's my toolbox at the site to keep track of my stuff (though it's quite blank now I only tested one resolution)
6. Finish my Graffiti of My Life book .. it's all quotes from my favorite author Jane Austen
7. Have a scrap party to christen my scrap room

Good start for the fun crafty projects :)

Off to read some blogs as I see Zach's eyelids getting heavy.. so hopefully he'll get a little rest before his stomach gives him grief again :(


Sian January 20, 2010  

Hope he feels better soon. Sounds like a good book..I might need to look out for that one over here

Celia January 23, 2010  

Hope our boy Zach is better.

When is the scraproom party?

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