The mom I should have been....

>> Jan 4, 2010

So both the older boys are off to school, Tony is back to work from his vacation and I am enjoying getting things done around here without Zach & Keagan being hyper crazy. They are so affected by changes in their routines including the boys being home .. and that small thing we did like MOVE at christmas!!

I decided to try to do some quality time with Zach while the dishwasher & laundry was going (see how I plugged myself for all that I'm doing and it's not even 9am yet?). Anyway.. yesterday I got my big BIG ikea shelf up in my scraproom that will house all my finished albums (finished being a relative term) and tony anchored it to the wall.. (realigned the doors since I suck at hinges) and I was set. I took Zach in there to show him it's finished, he had helped me some last night, and we started looking through some of the scrap albums I was putting in there. Specifically looking at the two that are exclusively of him. Here are his thoughts on some of the layouts and the mother I should have been..

Layout of Zach with a dirty face at a BMX race:
Zach says "you shouldn't have let me play in the dirt"

Layout of Zach with food on his face at 6mos old:
Zach says "you should have cleaned my face"

Layout of Zach in a pile of toys crying because I told him to pick them up:
Zach says "you should have picked them up for me"

Layout of Zach giving me a big fat baby kiss:
Zach says "you shouldn't kiss me like that I'll get germs"

Layout of Zach that he smeared ink all over because he got a hold of a cats-eye ink pad:
Zach says "you shouldn't have let me play with that"

And there you have it. The next time I'm whining about not knowing what I'm doing wrong as a parent I will not need to go farther than Zach for advice on what I should have done. *eye-roll*


Tali212 January 05, 2010  

This is just too funny - thanks for making me smile.

scrapweaver January 05, 2010  

They need to go in a parent handbook Tami! You will make a million. you have all the answers.

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