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>> Oct 18, 2009

I took a chance. I have a painting (I'll post a photo tomorrow it's dark and I wont get the best shot with the lighting in my house). This painting was given to my mom when she was in high school by her best friend. It is a part of my youth from hanging on her bedroom wall to hanging in her walk in closet (it will soon take a loving spot in my new home). However, I remember my mom trying to tell me the symbolism of the painting and me thinking I had forever to remember it. Now, with her gone I have no idea but love the painting.

So tonight I took a chance on facebook. I looked up the artist (my mom's best friend at least signed it!). I didn't get ahold of her but of her sister! I'm going to photograph the painting and see if I can rack her brain tomorrow, I'll keep everyone posted but I was so excited tonight I had to share. I miss my mom so much some days it feels like a physical pain, these moments make it easier.


Sian November 11, 2009  

Hey Tami! I've been enjoying catching up with you and your blog news. Good Luck with the new house looks stunning.

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