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>> Aug 31, 2009

today is the last day of the blog series at Get It Scrapped.. a little bitter sweet.. on one hand it has been so fun and it's coming to an end.. but on the other that means the classes are going to start back up! Ooh and I'm talking some major fun classes!!!

But let's celebrate the last day with this great list Michelle has us doing.. a finish the sentence if you will..

Today I am looking out at my financial future. House hunting.. not fun.
Today I might cook a yummy meatloaf or BBQ ribs .. still undecided.
Today I am reading Dead until Dark and Deathly Hallows (one book is upstairs the other down)
Today my biggest priority is keeping calm. My patience is wearing thin :(
Today I hope to see a funny show, I need a laugh.
Today I hope to talk to the family at dinner.
Today I have already seen/talked to my dad.
Today I am watching Gossip Girl.. it's so unrealistic it's sad LOL
Today I am dreaming that we get a good house quick, I hate the looking.
Today I am wearing PJs still.. gotta love that!
Today my mood is crabby but I'm trying to not be.
Today I am going to clean so I can Art Journal.


Celia August 31, 2009  

Get to that journal Tami and let loose!

scrapweaver August 31, 2009  

Hang in there Tami! Sending Hugs!

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