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>> Aug 7, 2009

Today's prompt is to tell a funny story.. I have always been told I'm funny and can tell a great story.. (I even have a lovely roommate who used to number my stories.. if I said "oh that reminds me of..." she'd quip back "ooh story number 23451" .. she's so funny) However when told to tell a funny store.. the mind goes blank and none seem funny enough to qualify.

So I hope this puts a smile on your face..

I've always loved potatoes. I was craving one on a cold winter day after school. I had just walked home, there was about 3" of snow on the ground. My mother was seated in the living room folding laundry, watching some soap operas. I asked her if I could have one and she approved. I asked how do I make it in the microwave. She said 8 minutes each side. I was 14. I did exactly as she said.

I grabbed the potato, cleaned it and stabbed it with a fork a few times. Put it in the microwave for 8 minutes. Eight minutes later, I grabbed a pot holder, flipped it and put it in again for 8 minutes. I then went to my room to work on homework until it was done. Moments later I hear my dad come in from work, followed by words I wont post here. The short translation: he was asking what was in the microwave. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen to watch my dad pull this smoking piece of charcoal from the microwave. He threw it out the front door where it quickly melted the snow. It sizzled and cracked for a minute.

Now I'm standing in the doorway looking at this hole in the snow that is expelling black smoke. I turn to look at my parents and as I do, I see the kitchen is now covered in this black film. No one said anything for a moment then my dad started asking me what it was, how long did I put it in for and as soon as I said 8 minutes both sides he started the "what were you thinking" speech. I love my mom, but I threw her under the bus faster than any reality show contestant could imagine. "mom told me to!"

She looked at me shocked and said "I can't believe you ratted me out!" then laughed. She said she wasn't thinking when I asked and was involved in her show. And in her defense said she usually does 4-6 potatoes and with that many it IS 8 minutes each side. We laughed so hard for so long, all the while my dad muttering "8 minutes each side" That potato in the yard smoked for THREE hours, it took three days to get every dish, wall and knick knack cleaned.


Jane,  August 10, 2009  

Too funny Tami. I think we all have a microwave joke from our childhood. My Aunt was the kind of lady that just had to "have" every new gadget that came in and of course bought herself one of those new fangled microwaves as soon as they came in. She would boast loudly to all that would listen on how wonderful her microwave was and that she used it "all the time" til my other Aunt (her sister) plucked up courage and asked her what she really used it for. "Oh" she said. "It boils my water beautifully for my cups of tea and it's so quick - beats having to fill the kettle". My Aunt just smiled and told her that perhaps if she just put a cup of water in the kettle instead of filling it completely it wouldn't take so long !!!!

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