If you don't hear from me again...

>> Jul 13, 2009

I've died and you can find my body under the mound of paper in my scrap space.

I also would like to ask that if before 4:00.. you see me on facebook, twitter, Get It Scrapped .. that you refuse to speak to me. I'm not strong enough to not talk to you.. I'll post, I'll whine, I'll update my status.. send a tweet.. but you have to be strong for me.. you have to ignore it and not encourge me to keep chatting, posting or updating.

I have to do this.. I have a LOT to do between now and wednesday (kit kick-off day)
So please send me postive clean/purging/organizing thoughts.. I have all my toys and all my kiddos toys on my agenda this week..

I'll post after shots.. for before shots just imagine any home on Clean Sweep.. and that's my scrap room. It was the last of the rooms to be done and when any object in any other room did not have a 'home' it was placed in my scrap room to deal with later..

It's later.


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