Feeling like Beyond Thunderdome

>> Jul 12, 2009

I know I posted how fun today was playing in the backyard and I'm grateful we have a nice little (stress on the little) square of grass and can play outside... but man I miss greener pastures.. I was just visiting Doris' blog and she has a woody pic with her son and a friend fishing in a stream and it all just makes me miss michigan so much.. I will someday be used to this dirt and brown.. used to feeling like I'm on the set of Thunderdome ;) .. and my kids are growing up in it.. not really knowing what they are missing out on.. that across the nation most sprinklers are to water grass.. not found in cement parks to keep kids from heat strokes ;) LOL

This isn't a complaint or pity party regardless of how it sounds just a statement of longing to visit some green.. may have to head up to Mt. Charleston this coming week to get my fill.


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