Do I really want to bite the bullet?

>> Jun 19, 2009

It seems housekeeping and organizing are a never-ending.. nightmare? no.. that's not strong enough.. the bane of my existence fits better.

As I said, I've been following this blog:
And last week we were to decide if we wanted to "start small or go for broke". I don't feel my scrap stuff is that bad that I need to go for broke but with the new kit club I need to rearrange and since that's the case I have decided to go for broke. I will be starting today at noon. Why noon? Well it's 10:30 now, I need to run out for water and a few groceries then I will grab lunch and begin after lunch.

My goal is to have a space that works FOR me and I can grow into rather than fit now. I tend to organize and then if I get something I have no where to put it because the container where it belongs is full or I've never bought that item before so I have no idea where to put it. Then the item winds up on the desk, where it is soon joined by other things. I will agree this is my greatest flaw.. once one thing goes to the wayside to be dealt with "later" it starts the cliche snowball effect.

In conclusion, I am stating now that I will be Going For Broke with this reorganization. Further, it will involve the entire structure we currently call "home". Tony loves when I do this, he likes moving things around and me purging his stuff. *read with dripping sarcasm*

Don't feel too sorry for Tony though, he may pretend to forget every other thing I tell him.. but when I ask a favor he remembers it. So for months I will get "Remember when I helped you.... do you think you could make cookies tonight?"


TraceyR June 19, 2009  

Go for it!! Are you going to take before & after photos? I love when I'm in a "purging" mood; feels productive. :)

Tami June 19, 2009  

Please I'd never leave that kind of proof on the internet.. Child Protective Services would be banging my door down to take my children away.. oh .. wait.. hmm.. ok yeah I think I'll post some before picture tomorrow

(ps. my procrastination is legitimate. I forgot about music lessons & had a car repair so couldn't start today)

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