Being a Bad Girl.. a day early

>> Apr 9, 2009

The next two days are going to be the same as my previous days .. choas.. so I'm going to join the band wagon and do a Five Favs except on thursday ;)

Five FAvs:

1. My house has been overhauled.. hehe.. not the tricked out pimped up kind of overhauld but the "Clean Sweep" kind.. started on Monday we have slowly gone through every room (we have 2.5 rooms left) and boy.. we have 4 bags of give-away and twice as much throw-away stuff. It feels amazing.

2. My boys are going camping with the grandparents this weekend (DH is still on the fence whether he wants to go) but I'm not.. camping in the desert with babies isn't appealing to me. But a weekend with them getting to go have fun and burn off energy.

3. My blinkie from Ms. Debbie .. she's total talent.. I love my lady.. I love the class that just started there too from Tania.. it's "In Loving Memory" and I"m going to do the album about my mom and I tell you.. it's so encouraging and just one class has posted.. I already have plans for a long call with my dad this weekend to get some stories.

4. Having money.. I have saved up quite a bit of money and want to go reward myself when this cleaning is over.. I'd like to get a melting pot for me I saw a cool technique for it online with some ice cube trays..
5. I want a new purse.. but haven't a clue what.. suggestions welcome!


Mardi April 09, 2009  

Have a wonderful weekend Tami!!! My idea of camping is in a nice hotel!!

Aeify April 10, 2009  

Congrats on the money saving...I'm looking for a new springy purse myself. I am thinking I may try to find a nice little number at Marshall's or TJ MAXX in the pink or aqua range...or maybe lavender. HMMMM do you need one to function as sensible or one to showcase your personality...
Good luck finding one. I also think maybe DH should go camping to and you can just get your scrap on all weekend!! Have a great one however it turns out!!!

Tami: aka Michigirl74 April 10, 2009  

Thanks! I think I want more fun than functional.. will have to check out Marshalls TJs & we also have a Ross's ... good ideas!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ April 10, 2009  

Good luck shopping for a new purse!! Hope you'll share it here later!! Have a great Easter weekend!!

Gine April 11, 2009  

great fives
Enjoy your weekend
Want to hear more about yooour new technique, and I want a pot too so I can try bees wax

Happy Easter

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