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>> Mar 29, 2009

I lost my mother 10 years ago this past September. I have days I can go that while her memory passes through my mind it doesn't cause much more than a thought of her. Then there are those days.. those days when I question my mothering skills or need someone to bounce an idea off, or when I just need someone to be mad for me.. those days when you could just use someone on your side unconditionally.. those are the days that are difficult. I've been having a lot of those days lately. This makes the upcoming course a mixed blessing.. I am looking forward to doing something to honor her memory and I've been wanting to do something for my brother for some time now. I know it's going to be harder given the recent days I've had but I think a change in focus from how she's not here to celebrating her life that was will be exactly what I need.

If you've lost a loved one I'm so very sorry. I hope you've found a way to honor their memory.

Here's the class I'm taking.. I'll share my journey here.


Neala n Dave March 30, 2009  

Hey...this post made me realize...I miss ya! Wish there were more hours in the day to give you a call.

Mardi April 07, 2009  

I lost my Mom to scleroderma in 1980, when she was only 57 years young. I miss her so badly! She was one of my best friends. I will be taking your course to raise money for this horrible disease. I will also be putting together a crop to raise money in my area, any suggestions?

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