>> Mar 18, 2009

Posted a postcard exchange at Get It Scrapped.. thought it'd be fun to do a little mailing between friends.. then have postcards from friends or even use it as ephemera on pages! While searching for postcards I liked.. I realized postcards have seriously become under-rated! I am going to single-handidly try to bring them back.. ok not really by myself but I bought quite a few postcards and decided to keep them on hand.. they are so easy to jot a quick note on.. cheaper postage and bam! a little love in the mail to someone!

Can't wait to send them out!

Here's my favorite postcard that didn't make the cut (I had to limit myself I had so many I liked) so if you are in the exchange no worries.. yours will be a card sans 'Poop'.

Ok maybe it's my sick sense of humor but for whatever reason it cracked me up.. can you imagine delivering this? Or going through your bills upon bills and junk mail upon junk mail and then seeing this postcard..

This and many other postcards can be found here: CafePress That's not an ad just sharing a cool place to get some funny postcards.. though becareful if you have kids.. some postcards are definitely not for the young eyes. Ooh.. and do a search at that site for Get It Scrapped they have some logo merchandise for sale too (now that's an ad LOL ok not really I get nothing from it but love that place and until I convert everyone I'll never shut up about it .. :) )


Linda March 19, 2009  

Hey Tami, this is such a cool idea. I have to get over to the CafePress and sign up for this postcard sharing event. I too love Postcards and it has been a long time since I have sent one. Happy Day!

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