Alphabet Soup Photo Challenge

>> Feb 11, 2009

So I went AWOL for a bit and am so sorry.. Charlie is super cool and I think you should keep an eye on this round of Alphabet Soup because some pretty cool photos and interesting takes on letters are being posted over there..

here's the link again:

On Friday Tony came home and we hopped in a car and drove to San Deigo, CA.. went to the zoo and a cool little air museum.. it was a ton of fun.. so it's safe to bet the following "catch-up" photos will be from the little trip :) It was funny because about 75% of my photos I was thinking of this Alphabet Soup LOL ..

G: Getting your Beta Carotene
(ps. Flamingos are pink because of the beta carotene in shrimp)

H: Hi there!

I: I see London, I see France.. I see Zach's underpants!
J: Jets

K: Konked

L: Learning to Fly
(the midway air museum had a flight simulation mini-school the boys did and they loved it)

And now I'm caught up... hoping Charlie lets me jump back in!


Linda February 12, 2009  

Welcome back! Love your Zoo pictures and especially the giraffe one. How cute. I am off to read more about this Alphabet Soup. Have a good day.

CSouthwell February 12, 2009  

Of course you can join back in,

when i have a spare few minutes will add your other back into the past galleries.

Glad to have you back.


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