Alphabet Soup - N

>> Feb 15, 2009

This is dedicated to Charlie and his love of the movie Dodgeball :)
N: Not "L for Love"


Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 February 16, 2009  

LOL He's a cutie! Brenden's started telling Mike he's a loser... Not sure where it's coming from 'cause I don't say it, but boy-oh-boy has it caused some arguments here...

Anywho - you've been tagged for a fun photo challenge on my P365 blog! :)

Tami: aka Michigirl74 February 16, 2009  

Hehe.. he actually has no idea what it means but the two older boys do it to each other sarcastically because of dodgeball.. off to check out yours :)

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