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>> Nov 12, 2008

The latest challenge at Debbie Hodge's

One of my favorite shows. There is SO much inspiration in this show.. I really could make an entire series of challenges just copying the challenges from this show... but not this time My favorite episodes are the ones where the designers are asked to take the oridinary and use it as inspire a dress. I think this is my absolute favorite dress from this challenge:

DressHere's the blog link to show what other designers did this episode

They sent the designers around the city to take photos then use those photos, Andrae used a photo of dirty gutter water to inspire the dress above.. it just amazes me that something considered ugly and people walk by on a daily basis inspired something so beautiful.There is a lot of inspiration to me just looking at the dresses from this show.. here is a link to the photo gallery

Aside from the fashion and just beauty of so much on the show.. it's just darn right funny. Tim Gunn has these catchphrases.. he always tells the designers to "Make it work!" and his vocabulary is extensive.. he says words that often need to be looked up LOL For fun take this little vocabulary quiz and see some of the odder things he says.. and the contestants are hilarious .. my favorite was Santino who used to make up stores and do Tim Gunn impersonations.. or Christian who was quite vocal and had his own catchphrases like using the word "fierce" .. it's fierce, mad fierce... or when they discussed what super heroes they'd be.. (did you see the Heroes challenge?) he said he'd be Fierosha Couture and use hairspray as his weapon.. then you have the contestants that are .. well .. a bit off center.. like Suede who only speaks of himself in third person.. seriously.. or Elisa who doesn't use a pen to mark cut lines.. but spits on the clothes to mark where they are to be cut... the casts are always entertaining to say the least!Without further ado..


a) Do a page on some family catchphrases. What do the people in your home say that is so "them"
b) Do a page that is inspired by the every day around you.. a stop sign, a building you love, your garden
c) Do a page where you narrate in third person (great idea from Gab)
d) Do a page on your own personal fashion. What makes you feel good about yourself, comfortable or otherwise. What items draw you, what colors dominate your wardrobe. What about shoes.. what are the shoes you can't live without.
e) Do a page on your kids personal fashions.. (then save it for a couple decades to show them that everything new becomes old.. my kids currently think that they will never look back and go "I wore that?".. that only *I* wore weird clothes)

Have fun! I'm so excited my routine is being restored today.. all kids back to school and just one doctors appointment... then I'm going to get some valuable ME time. I can't wait to share the page that's currently in my head :)



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