Another challenge on the TV Show Privileged

>> Nov 14, 2008

Ok the show.. it's just CUTE. Seriously clean good and just fun. It's a GREAT show to watch with daughters.. because there is no cringing of subject matter.. ok so there was underaged drinking in one episode but it was handled so well the tutor was made and trying to get them to stop and disapproving and it was not encouraged .. so I guess it's clean-ish fun.. but better than the preteen soapy shows with subject matter that is beyond teen :)

The premise of the show is a girl named Meagan who is a writer, quits or gets fired from a newspaper.. gets a job with a makeup mogul who has 2 granddaughters she has custody of (their parents died in an auto accident) so Meagan is to tutor them but is more mentor/nanny because the grandmother is absent a lot and the girls are left with the house staff.. they girls are super wealthy and spoiled. Like I said just a cute show :)

So.. I think what would it mean in my life for me to feel privileged.. and well it's simple. ME time. It's that simple, honest. I get some decent me time in spurts then go for TOO long without it.. like now I have these challenges and am being a poor leader by not having samples.. but I haven't gotten half a minute alone.. if it wasn't for this laptop and my friends here .. I'd be insane.

so .. be privileged this weekend.. ignore some responsibilities.. (no appreciates the floor being mopped.. seriously they don't) and scrapbook or art journal or make a project or learn to do a digi hybrid .. do something artisitic and fun and all about YOU enjoying yourself.. that's ALL you need to do.. you get one entry for everything you share here from now until the end of november.. because everything you do from now until the end is something to be thankful for.. every moment you get to enjoy yourself is a privilege that should be cherished :)

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