Art Journaling 101

>> Oct 22, 2008

Maybe you’ve heard…… I’m in an art journaling class at Debbie Hodge’s place.  It’s taught by Dina and it’s pretty darn cool.  Here are some journaling prompts I thought I’d post here so I can blog and not feel like I’m neglecting my blog ;)


Here’s where the art class is:

You can even check out here intro video.. each class has a video and pdf and journaling prompts.. pretty .. legen~ wit for it……. Dary!


Here are my responses:

Answers are the first 5 things I thought of J


5 things I did today:

laundry, made bottles, changed diapers, got kids off to school, bathed babies


5 things I felt today:

frustration, anger, exhaustion, curiosity, resolve


5 things I'm grateful for today:

my kids, good tv, my laptop, our financial situation, new acrylics


5 frustrations I felt today: 

not enough shows on my DVR when the baby took a nap, my 10yr old can't be honest with himself about how his choices are affecting his life, my 3 yr old wouldn't listen to me and get off the bed, i didn't get a shower and I worked out  :oops: , I got a dillards card but am too cheap to actually splurge on myself


5 things that made me happy today: 

I didn't eat fast food for lunch, I had an ice cold pepsi from the fridge (not iced down  :bah: ), I had some time to link surf the internet (read an article click a related link, read that and just keep clicking until you are tired of reading), I did get a few moments to do a paint layer on my art journal, I only have 1 load of laundry remaining!


5 people I interacted with today:



5 random things about today: 

I got a dillards card, I read articles on the internet about unsolved crimes and hate that they are unsolved, I have avoided the whole gossip about what's happening on The View ~ I just learned today that Elizabeth hasselback is a McCain supporter because she had a AmeriCAIN shirt on, I watched Chuck from monday and saw Ben savage from boy meets world and it took forever for me to figure out who he was LOL, I tried to teach my children the value of being able to admit when you are wrong


5 things I need to do tomorrow:

pay a bill, workout, clean house, do art journals with the kids, write a letter disputing a hospital charge



there are some more in depth prompts I’ll save for later..


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