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>> Sep 29, 2008

So.. there's this bully over at willow traders who first makes you do this horrible scrapbook survivor where you have to burn out a zillion layouts in three days or get kicked off the island and sent to this exile place.. then because that's over she starts looking for new ways to torture her friends.. this month she finds an idea on Ali Edwards blog to scrap your week.

Ok actually Annette is really cool and I'm glad she's an active part of Willow Traders.. though some of the gals who are playing along are show-offs and started with monday already.. which is a little intimidating when you are on the west coast and at 8am someone's already done their blog.. which is why I'm doing my blog at 8am so I guess it's good that I have that "can't be the loser of the group" mentality LOL .. here's Shakira's btw check out her awesomeness here. There are others participating too and I'll post links as I see them update blogs but not sure if they are using blogs to do this.. I'm going to only use my blog then I can base layouts or make a mini-album off my blog posts. So.. without further ado.. here's my Monday :) (I'm just going to update this post throughout the day so if you come back you may need to hit refresh depending on how your IE cache is set :) )

Monday September 29, 2008

8:00 AM: So.. my pic of the TV wont come out right.. anyway I get that TV is thought to be bad.. though I don't necessarily agree 100%. I know that in some cases my kids have learned from it.. Kyle loved Blues Clues when he was little (now 10) and he learned a LOT.. Zach (now 3) watched it and anytime he'd put a puzzle together or do something and I said "you're so smart" he'd give me the sign language sign for smart.. at the moment Keagan has something going on and is very crabby and crying non-stop and the only thing that's keeping him from crying is the bright colors on the TV screen. So it's on and I sit here and blog about it. Very griping life I lead.... and my per my "normal" I am typing this blog and thinking of the list of things I need to do this week.. make a new chore list for the boys, get water from Sam's Club, make the truck payment and the rent, back up my computer so I can take it in to get fixed, make an appointment with the doctor's and work out every day (my goal this week), 'super clean' the video game room and laundry room and work some more on the old boxes of photos I have and my scrap area, grocery shopping.. I'm sure there are a ton of things I'm missing.. but I'll be back to add more later..

8:35AM: Holy crap I just looked at my photo folders to see how many CD's I needed to back up.. I figured I could go through and purge the photos that are out of focus or just bad.. but had no idea I had this many photos!!! Ok well I can tell you may not be able to read the number but it's 3717 files. HOLY COW! Ok comment here how many files you have and I'll RAK someone all my files to sort and organize heheheheh.. no?

8:45AM: I just remembered Scrap Your Travel starts at Debbie Hodge's today!!! Wonder if I can use it as an excuse to get DH to go on a vacation???

10:00AM: Still a normal day, nothing I want to get done is done.. and of course I get to discover crap while the boys aren't here.. it's easier when they are home so I can just tell them to knock the crap off and forget about it.. anyway I had to take a field trip upstairs to lock rooms so Zach only has access to his own.. bright light coming from the boys room.. thinking they left the light on.. but no.. Austin is screwing around with his blinds again.. I don't know what it is with this kid and blinds.. he's my window monitor so you'd think he would be good at opening and shutting them.. but no about a year ago he couldn't get it opened so he just yanked really hard on them.. now they don't open & close.. and he's got them all screwed up opened and two of the blinds are missing.. grr.. that kid! Here's after I fixed them.. now I get to wait until he gets home to find out where he stashed the missing two..

Then the school calls and I finally have access to my kids school accounts.. I can see their grades.. missing assignments (yes already second grr they aren't here for the tongue lashing) and tardies.. (third grr).. ok and now Zach woke the baby up because he .. well frankly because he's a brat and he can. So now I'm finishing this post an hour later and still haven't done anything on my list.. AAAahhh!!!!

11:24AM: Heather posted hers.... way more photos... I'm jealous. I'm not moving around enough for good shots.

2:52PM: Still not taking a ton of photos.. seems silly to take photos of me with my laptop over and over.. but I've eaten lunch, one child napped the other is still mad he's down for a nap.. I'm still exhausted but am down to only 3454 photos! Oldest DS is home now.. and that's that for this check in.. will try to add some more photos next time.. ooh wait here's a quick one of where baby took his nap because once he was asleep I wasn't moving him! Ok it's not letting me add a photo.. maybe there's a limit?


Bugs October 02, 2008  

Love it..feels like I'm there.

*~Annette~* October 05, 2008  

For the record... I'm not a bully!! You jumped in willingly!

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