So.. my sunday

>> Aug 12, 2008

I wasn’t present but the story goes… my 13yr old Austin missed a jump and rolled a 4 wheeler on himself.. he came back to the camp and was laying down .. while dad was assessing the situation and just thinking it was bruising.. 18yr old Amanda confuses the clutch for the break and rolls a different 4-wheeler.. she broke her collar bone.. so Tony shoos her into the truck, and goes to get Austin who now says he can’t walk.. uh oh.. he picks him up, throws him in the truck (figuratively of course ;) ) and takes off to the ER.  We think everything is going well all things are looking good.. Amanda’s is a simple break just needs a sling not much they can do.. ER doc releases her says she needs to see an ortho just incase.. Austin’s nurse comes in said they are awaiting the result of one more test then he’s kicking Austin out because he needs the bed (in a joking manner).. well that last test.. showed a broken pelvis.. so he gets taken by ambulance to the nearest trauma center for more extensive testing.. LOVELY!  Dad and I are nervous .. but everything looks good nothing they can do has to heal on its own but he’s on bed rest.. so all in all they were “good” breaks but man it was definitely an unforgettable eventful Sunday J




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