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>> Aug 11, 2008

Ok so I’m behind in my class at Debbie Hodge’s place.. not surprising I kind of assumed going in I would be because I had DD coming in for a visit and a bunch of other activities I knew were coming.. so .. here I am using her classes as a diving board for blog posts.. then later I can do LO’s on them? Yes that’s a ? as in.. will my life ever calm down?

So .. just going to grab a prompt (there are several for each class.. that little slave driver)

Class one.. Me NOW

List 3-5 people in my life from different areas.. these answers wont necessarily be the same as the forums because it is a different moment in my life J  so.. aside from my children which I think is the easiest to list and a given.. (plus I have 5 and I’d max out just naming them.. LOL) I’ll exclude them as they are by far the most important of them all J So instead here are 5 people I miss.


1.        My mother: she passed away in 1998 after a battle against scleroderma. She was young and the only thing I’m happy about is we had made it past the stage where you can’t stand your mother because she’s ruining your life (typical teen thoughts) to me seeing her for the adult and human being she is.. and loving her for all of the things she did.  I am glad that we were in a good place when it happened, I have no regrets about my relationship with her.

2.       My grandmother:  I’m not a great granddaughter.. she’s my mom’s mom and when my mom died I was a single mom and dealing with my father who had several of his own issues and it was hard to get to see her as often as I wanted.  I should call her often, try to visit her more.. and now she’s elderly and the last phone call I spoke with her and she didn’t know who I was..

3.       My high school friends.. there was a group of us that were together .. OFTEN and I realize now that it’d be great to have that life long friendship, even though at times I wonder how it’s possible to have that friendship when so much in my life has changed me I’m not even close to the same person I was then ... we’ve all gone separate ways.. different colleges, different life experiences..

4.       Chris Farley.. yes I know it’s strange but I’m just going with what pops in my head.  I think of funny people and sad stories I think of him.  He was really a comedic genius ..  I smile when I think of so many scenes he was in.. like Tommy Boy’s hotel scene with him and David Spade.. too bad he couldn’t fight addiction L

5.       My coworker Robin.. it’s a rare occasion when two minds can work so well together and bounce ideas off each other.. I honestly think we could do any business thing together.


Debbie Hodge,  August 15, 2008  

love that you got the journaling down --- now it's there when you've got the time.

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