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>> Jul 29, 2008

Jiggity jig!


While visiting elsewhere is wonderful there is something about sleeping in your own bed.. even waking up with muscles still sore from lugging 100lbs of luggage through an airport.. I still loved sleeping in my bed.


The weekend was freaking fantabulous!  I don’t even know if I can go into detail on the whole thing .. it went way to fast though! I loved seeing my old friends and making new ones.  I got nothing done at the retreat but have not one care about it.  I didn’t spend ANY money on myself at the mall of American (aside from letter stickers at Archivers which doesn’t count to me since I can do that at home..) Oh I did have a chocolate buddy.. Cindy & I splurged on Godiva.. though she wasn’t impressed I just really like it.. I like the different flavors they offer.. I got the boys things.. and even stole something from Terri to give to Keagan.. which he LOVES by the way.. oh and I got him an eyeball ball.. the kind that has an eyeball that rolls around in it.. and lights up when it lands or hits something.. he loves that but it’s already missing to the dark corners of the living room somewhere.. I will probably have to move the couch to find it!


Zach figured out his puzzle, it is a train that whistles when the last piece is put in.. well he just pulls once piece out and puts it back in.. I’d be upset except it took him a half a second to put the whole thing together the first time he saw it.. the kid is genius.. and that’s not just mom talking!


Kyle loved his bracelet and other little things I got him.. but it was more about the approval to get a cell phone yesterday that won him over.  While I was gone Tony told him to get his butt on a bike and get to school.. which I laugh since I get up and lug two babies out the door to get him to and from school each day.. but it was one of the small things that made me giggle.  Kyle was more than willing he’s been bugging to do it for quite some time but I am a bit overprotective on that end.  It is about 1.5 miles each way and honestly 6 miles a day on a bike probably isn’t a bad thing for a kid.. a little exercise and will help with BMX somewhat.  Austin rides .5 mile each way as well.  At any rate we gave in to “peace of mind” and got cell phones for the boys.  With limits and the instruction that Kyle is to text msg me each day when he gets to school and leaves. 


Side note: I honestly am not a big advocate of kids with cell phones, I’m usually on the side against.. I think it *can* remove parents from the loop on who’s who in “friend-land”  However living in Vegas it is a little different.. if we were in Michigan there is no way they’d have them as they get on a bus and get off.. if they go somewhere I know where they are and since most play areas were someone’s backyard it was never an issue to get a hold of them.  Now with large public parks that don’t have phones and the worry that he gets to/from school each day at his age (I had a little more faith in Austin to not talk to strangers and his ride is shorter and on the same block we live on) At any rate they have them and I feel like I crossed over to the dark side…


Ok back to my weekend.. I loved it and liked having girlfriends near and not via internet or phone.. I liked chatting late at night with Cindy about how messed up our boys are going to turn out (jokingly) because of us.. I liked book talk with Terri.. I loved the talk at the retreat and having other mom’s who could understand the dynamics of my blended family relationships.. I loved meeting Michelle in person since I have a few months of overage charges on my cell phone from her ;)



Bugs July 30, 2008  

miss you!! I had a great time, too. Sure wish we could win the lottery so this could be a semi-annual event!

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