Cindy Lou Snorty Pants

>> Mar 5, 2008

That’s old isn’t it? Cindy have you heard from Lori at all?


Anyway.. my friend Cindy has graciously offered to attend a scrappers weekend and pick me up from the airport (late) and let me stay at her house and be my 1 and only girl time for the year.. (ok so she had little choice as it was either accept it or I’d rent a car from the airport and find her anyway)


I can’t believe after 10 years? I’m getting to spend some time on her turf! I’m so excited that I’m .. I don’t know how to explain it.. I was talking to my dear lover husband last night about it and what we’d be doing and it being close to the mall of America so I’d need to bring major cash.. and he said I’m over estimating my expenses as I rarely shop for myself (which I don’t) and I laughed and said I still shop I’ll just be getting you & the boys things! He then got really serious and FORBID me to buy him or the boys anything on my trip..


Isn’t he cute.. some days though I think he doesn’t know me.



To top it off I got my xmas (yes I bought it late) gift today .. a big scrap order but I made the STUPID mistake of promising myself I wouldn’t open the box until I had my scrap room cleaned and done.. the box was suppose to be here Friday.. normally one would be happy about an early delivery but it’s going to be hard to make myself wait!


Anonymous,  March 06, 2008 don't get how excited I am to have you come out!! BTW...I suck at shopping :)
hugs, Cindy

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