WOW.. long time!

>> Jul 4, 2006

Ok, so life monopolized my time. Now I need to blog again for therapy so I am creating time.

In December, my husband was laid off.. which was difficult since we never really caught up from an earlier time in 2005.. so in March he headed to Nevada (we live in MI) to work. Things are great out there for him and we then are forced to make a decision. He comes home or I move there? Really wasn't a decision considering there still isn't work in MI for him.. so I am beginning the packing relocating proces.. woo fun! Two oldest are with their other mother and so it's me and an 8 yr old and a 10 mo old.. and I'm suppose to get what done?

I could go on a major pity party right now but am going to try to only write positive things .. focus on the good right? I have healthy children, may not be happy given the circumstances.. but they are healthy. I have my health.. it's my birthday.. and I have a few moments to play online.. (that should probably be the biggest plus given the amount of "me" time I have had since March...)



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