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>> Sep 11, 2005

Anyone seen that movie? Remember when the senator's mom (I think it was senator) was at Robin Williams/Nathan Lanes house and started crying to her husband that "Someone has to like me best" That's how I feel now.

Why is it children are just innately drawn to their fathers? I could rationally calmly tell any of my older children something to correct them.. and their father can give them a 2 hour lecture and 5 minutes later they are asking if they can go with him where ever he is going.. yet 2 days later they are still harboring whatever I corrected them on.. I can go to the mall and if I ask if anyone wants to go I get no thanks or can you drop me off at so-and-so's house.. Dad can come in and say he's going to get an oil change and everyone jumps to go with him.. He comes in the door and it's "HI DAD!" I come in and it's "oh, hey" Once & awhile Kyle will take pity on me and stay home.. (read he'd rather stay home & play video games than go) but for the most part.. I feel like crying "someone has to like me best"

Fortunately, Zach is 50/50 a mommy's & daddy's boy. He doesn't seem to prefer one over the other.. just a nice warm set of arms to hold him and he's fine. But I'm sure that is just a matter of time......

*insert violin playing here*


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