I can't drive 55! Or 45, 35,.. heck not even 5 :(

>> Aug 29, 2005

My husband stayed home today, not suppose to drive & Zach is having some eye problems. & Austin had an appointment so he was going to have to leave early anyway.. We found a pediatrician.. isn't finding doctors like throwing a dart.. not sure what you'll get.. Luckily the Ped. was actually comforting... he was thorough but fast so Zach's displeasure was short lived.. he said it's just an eye infection and actually pretty common. He also said since he was here now we could skip the 2 wk appointment but he wanted him brought in to the office for a quick weight check.. but it'd be no charge they just want to make a note in the chart to make sure he's gaining.. (insert a sigh of relief)
So Zach & Austin had appointments today. I got my disability & insurance forms turned in to my doctor for him to fill out. Picked up a couple items at Target. Feel like so much was accomplished. I also made future doctor's appointment and got part of my room picked up from the confusion of having the basement in my bedroom while we remodel.
At the moment Zach is sleeping in his bed.. for the first time. I believe it's the gift I received today.. a beautiful blue blanket from work.. it's so soft & fuzzy. I used it for a cover on the pack & play.. which is Zach's bed at the moment.. anyway he is out cold. We also realized we are using the wrong nipples for him.. which is so strange to me.. I don't remember this with Kyle.. he just drank from whatever.. but Zach wasn't getting enough fast enough from the nipples we were using.. he would fall asleep from exhaustion half way through feedings and take so long that by the time he finished one bottle.. he would be asleep for a short period and be up again to eat it was nearly non-stop eating.. so we thought but he wasn't getting anything so it wasn't really eating.. just attempting to :(
Tomorrow I'm going to make the rest of my doctor's appointments.. clean some more.. as soon as I can get to my scrap area I can send out my thank yous that are only 2 months late :( I'd also like to take the kids to walmart to get school supplies but that isnt a MUST do.. only a if I feel up to it.


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