Goodbye August

>> Aug 31, 2005

Little thumbsucker.. hehe.. no we don't "allow" it.. we usually yank the thumb out and put a pacifier in.. will be easier to break the paci habit than the thumb habit later down the road.. but he definitely has a high sucking quota he must achieve daily..
these last days have gone by so quickly that I honestly could cry. Which I've done a lot of lately. I went grocery shopping.. came home.. cried. I really don't know why.. my husband is a saint. He just hugged me and let me. Amazing man.
I found out everyone at work is pregnant (ok not everyone) .. I think I'm going to stay home forever.. I don't know what's in the water but it hasn't been long enough to risk going back and getting pregnant.. I can't even tell the kids to vaccuum their rooms without shuttering...
Oh but most importantly.. my ANKLES ARE BACK!!!! Now if I can give the second butt I've gained to someone I'd be fine! LOL... anyone else notice how dry my hair looks in that picture above?


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