Going home

>> Aug 23, 2005

I woke up early Tuesday. My husband must have also. He called.. wanted to come up but also I needed him to run some errands and my other son Austin had a doctor's appointment he could not miss. So the martyr that I am.. I insisted he not visit his worn out wife and son at the hospital but rather do the errands. (ok - reality check.. this meant I got the entire day to be at the hospital and have the baby to myself.. all I needed to do was order room service a couple of times.. it was like a hotel.. except better because I didn't even have to get up from the bed when the food came! and it was good food!)

Dad took the boys out on errands and doctor's appointments all day. Amanda was off shopping. I'd be upset she didn't insist on visiting me or being there when the baby comes home.. but if I had money.. I'd have gone shopping too.... LOL Around 4:30 I was finishing up my discharge.

My husband honored me with a new pair of shoes and quickly tossed the flip flops I had been living in for the last 6 months in the nearest garbage can. Unfortunately, according to the mean nurses the swelling can take a few weeks to go down.. but I gladly walked out in new more comfortable shoes.

It was like a limo ride! I sat in the back of the van next to Zachary.. and my chauffer drove me and the boys home.


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